Friday, April 29, 2011


Twenty one missionaries arrived from the Sao Paulo CTM today, our largest group to date. It was great to see them and feel of their spirit and excitement. They will do miracles!!

Mission Home Arrival Dinner Prep

Elders Barton, Noschang and Sister Sifuente helping in the kitchen. It was hard to see Elder Barton and Sister Sifuente leave. They have done a great job and as this picture shows, they served right up to the end.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


This evening we had a wonderful session in the temple followed by a touching testimony meeting with 5 wonderful missionaries who are returning to their families after serving honorably in their assignments. (l to r: Elder Lima, Barton, Sister Sifuente, Elder Fernandes, Murillo)


Today Elders Hartley and Buerkle finally arrived after serving several months in the U.S. while awaiting their visas. It is so great to see the hand of the Lord opening the doors so that His work can go forward. It is great to have them with us.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ready for Assignment at Barigui!!

This was a mid transfer arrival. We were blessed with 7 missionaries from the U.S. who have waited a long time for Visas. Additionally we were blessed with two exceptional Brazilian missionaries who will be serving with us for a few transfers. Sister Gomes is young woman from Curitiba who is excited to serve with the Lord. Elder Melo is awaiting his entry date in the Sao Paulo Missionary Training Center and will be with us for a few weeks. (back row l to r: Elder Holliday, Sister Gomes, Sister Rivera, Sister Cordon, Pres. Cordon, E. Melo, E. Roberts, E. Harper; front row, l to r: E. Christensen, E. Broomfield, E. Smith)

Leadership Training Meeting-Portao

The church has implemented training sessions for all mission leadership including zone and district leaders and trainers. This has been a great opportunity to help our missionaries learn leadership skills and gospel doctrine. (front row, l to r: Jackson, Cavalcante, Pereira, Jacinto, Harper, Elias, Fernandes, Hansen; second row, l to r: Pres. Cordon, Youngberg, Borges, Smith, Reis, Askins, Pires, Nunes, Hardy; back row, l to r: Barton, Murillo, Constante, Lemos, Lott, Medeiros, Romm, Barbosa, Shaw, Gabriel)


This morning we had the priviledge of picking up seven very patient missionaries who have waited a very long time in other missions in the United States for the opportunity to serve the people of Brasil. It was awesome to see them walk out of the sliding doors of baggage claim. What an adventure they have in front of them and tears come to our eyes as we think of the lives they will touch and change forever. (rear: left to right: Sister Cordon, Sister Rivera, Elders Roberts, Christensen, Holliday, Harper, Broomfield, Smith, President Cordon; front: Assistants Elders Barton and Gabriel)

Another Glorious Day in Curitiba!