Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Presidential Haircut on P-Day!!!

Elderes Vincent and Lima came over this morning on P-day to do some service. Elder Vincent gave the president a haircut and they were rewarded with pancakes for breakfast and a quick tour of Parque Barigui where we saw some Capivara.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Conferencia de Zonas Ponta Grossa e Campos Gerais

Zone Conference in Ponta Grossa. Can you tell what might have been one of the central themes? Kneeling, l to r: Sisters Andrade and Roy; Front row, l to r: Sisters Enszer, Brandao, Pres. & Sister Cordon, Sisters Castellano, Correa; Second row, l to r: Elderes Lima Santos, Lott, Coslett, Bons, Cardoso, L. Pereira, Soares, Rogers; Third row, l to r: Clift, Barbosa, Stevenson, Dow, Lyon, Black; Fourth row, l to r: Patton, Maia, de Jesus, Cruz, Keaton, Smith.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Zone Conference with the "Frozen Chosen"

We got up very early this morning and drove to Guarapuava. We watched the thermometer on the car slowly drop as we approached our beloved district. The temperature ended up in the upper 30s with a steady drizzle all day. The Guarapuava chapel was freezing and Sister Cordon never took off her wool overcoat. OK, I didn't either. Front row, l to r: Elderes Sardinha, J. Santos, Pres. & Sister Cordon, Elderes Finato, Palacio; Second row, l to r: Elderes L. Oliveira, Constante, I. Silva, Tenney, De Oliviera, Evans, Cannon, Gabriel, Thorpe, Andrade.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Conferencias das Zonas Boqueirao e Jardim do Sol

Zone Conference for the Sao Boqueirao e Jardim do Sol Zones held in Portao. Front row, l to r: Simplicio, Lemos, Almeida, J. Lopes, S. Almeida, Lima, Aparecido, Palmer (behind), Camargo, Andrade (behind), Deivid, Teles, Askins, Costa; Second row, l to r: Nacimento, Youngberg, Flynn, Karren, Justino, Croskrey, Suan, Harper, Brino, Alexandre, L. Santos, Barrios; Back row, l to r: Borges, Vincent, Piper, Pres. Cordon, Nascimento, Sister Cordon, Smith, Marx, Medeiros, Viega.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heading Out After Zone Conference

Elderes Elias, Pereira, Braga, Davies, and Holliday leaving to work after the Taruma and Luz Zone Conferences. Sister Cordon tried to get a photo of everyone but by the time the camera came out, the missionaries had dispersed to work.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Zone Conference for Novo Portao and Curitiba Iguazu

We started our new round of zone conferences today with the Novo Portao and Curitiba Iguazu zones. It was great to have all of the missionaries together for instruction and practice. They are awesome. It was great to have Elder and Sister Biehn join us for the first time. They are a wonderful addition to the mission. The spirit was strong and we learned a lot together this day.
Front row, l to r: Sister Smith, Rivera, Leandro, Prado, Pres. Cordon, Elder Nogueira, Christensen, Nash, Windous, Berkle; Second row, l to r: Sister Aragao, de Araujo, Elder Roberts, Barreto, Howard, Smith, Hartley, Pinheiro, Viana, Reynoso; Third row, l to r: Van Horn, Fuchs, B. Santos, Diamond, Pires, Bezerra, Weston; Back row, l to r: Elder and Sister Biehn, Andrade, Pinho, Hugo, Gill, Simper, Shaw, Noschang, Hann