Friday, July 30, 2010

Na Missao Brasil Curitiba Nos...

Every mission in the world has its own unique culture, influenced somewhat by the mission president, but mostly by the missionary leaders themselves. In our first Zone Leader Council we set out to understand our mission's culture. We wrote on the white board, "In the Brazil Curitiba Mission We..." And then the zone leaders started filling in the sentence. We have the best missionaries in the world! Their answers brought tears to my eyes. The following are the first 23 answers they gave. The rest of the list is just as amazing. I love these missionaries.

Na Missão Brasil Curitiba Nós...

(Conselho dos Líderes de Zona, Sexta-feira dia 30 de Julho de 2010)

  1. * Batizamos (We baptize)
  2. * Somos Obedientes (We are obedient)
  3. * Trabalhamos com fogo nos ossos (We work with fire in the bones)
  4. * Seguimos o Espírito (We follow the spirit)
  5. * Somos Dedicados (We are dedicated)
  6. * Colocamos tudo em prática (We put everything in practice)
  7. * Somos os melhores (We are the best)
  8. * Fazemos contatos (We make contacts with new people)
  9. * Somos Ousados (We are fearless)
  10. * Somos missionários de Fé (We are missionaries of faith)
  11. * Somos o exemplo (We are examples)
  12. * Amamos os que servimos (We love those we serve)
  13. * Sabemos que milagres são reais (We know that miracles are real)
  14. * Operamos milagres (We perform miracles)
  15. * Fazemos nosso melhor (We do our best)
  16. * Magnificamos os nossos chamados (We magnify our callings)
  17. * Trabalhamos com os Membros (We work with the members)
  18. * Somos Bonitos (We are good looking)
  19. * Sabemos brincar e ser sério (We know when to play and when to be serious)
  20. * Ensinamos com Poder (We teach with power)
  21. * Não temos medo de convidar (We don't have fear of inviting)
  22. * Selamos famílias (We seal families)
  23. * Conhecemos as escrituras (We know the scriptures)

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