Friday, September 7, 2012

7 de Setembro Parade

Presidente Cordon with Felipe Cortes, City Councilman who is a friend of the Church here in Curitiba.

On the reviewing stand (palanque) with Romulo Freire, Director of Public Affairs for the Church here in Curitiba, Presidente Furusho, Presidente of the Boa Vista Stake, and Alan Kardec, who works with Public Affairs for the Church.

Here come the missionaries and members!!

Our missionaries passing the palanque singing Called to Serve.

Passing in front of the palanque.  

The Cordon family with Governor and Mrs. Beto Richa on the Palanque.  On the far left is General Soares, head of all Brazilian armed forces in Southern Brasil.

Missionaries passing in front of the grand stands.  If you look carefully, you can see the members of the Sao Lourenco stake wearing yellow Maos Que Ajudam (Helping Hands) shirts in the stands.