Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Our new missionaries that arrived at the end of July all came together for a new missionary training in Portao.  We typically have the new training after they have been in the field for 4 weeks.  This gives them time to adjust to their new area, companion, language, food, etc.  Front row, l to r: Elders Lopez (trainer), Ameigeiras, Presidente Cordon, Elders Zeballos and Brino (Assistent); Second row, l to r: Elders Guimaraes (trainer), Moody, Knowles (trainer), Keaton (trainer), Payne, Gama; Third row, l to r: Elders Hogge, Constante (trainer), Rocha, Fernandes (trainer), Hobbs (Assistant), Alves (trainer).