Friday, November 23, 2012

Annual Stake Presidents' Christmas Jantar

Christmas Dinner 2012 with all of our wonderful Stake Presidents and their wives!! We are really going to miss our great friends. (back row, l to r: Presidente and Sister Do Carmo (Campos Gerais), Presidente e Sister Oliveira (Paranagua),  Presidente e Irma Augusto (Mission Presidency), Presidente e Sister Tavares (Portao), Presidente e Irma Furusho (Boa Vista), Presidente e Irma Costa (Sao Lourenco), Presidente e Irma Pires (Pinhais), Presidente e Irma Sankari e Bebe (Novo Mundo), Presidente e Irma Santos (Iguacu), Presidente e Irma Michalisa (Boqueirao); front row, l to r: Presidente Samways (Ponta Grossa), Presidente e Sister Cordon, Irma Samways.

Sister Cordon, Irma Sankari e seu bebe, Irma Costa e Irma Do Carmo.

Irma Furusho, Presidente e Irma Benvindo Michalisa, Presidente e Irma Santos, Presidente Augusto, e Presidente Tavares.

Presidente e Irma Samways da Estaca Ponta Grossa.
Tonight we held our third and unfortunately final Christmas dinner for all of our stake presidents and their wonderful wives.  What a treat to spend the evening with these great men and women who give so much of their time and talents to the building up of the Church here in Brazil.  We had the opportunity to speak to the growth of the missionary force worldwide and prepare them for the arrival of many new missionaries in 2013.  The dinner was spectacular as is everything that Sister Cordon organizes.  We will truly miss our dear friends with whom we have served.