Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mission Tour 2013

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Our mission had the privilege of receiving a visit from three of our General Authorities of the Church and their wives.  Elder Craig C. Christensen, Presidency of the Seventy, President Claudio R. M. Costa, President of the Brazil Area, and the Presiding Bishop of the Church, Gary E. Stevenson arrived late Friday afternoon.  We took them directly to the Curitiba Temple from the airport where they received a quick tour from Presidente Arias, president of the temple.  The whole mission came in Saturday morning for our special session with these brethren.  The meeting went from 8 until 10:30am after which we took them to their plane and they were off to Porto Alegre. (Left to Right: Presidente Augusto, 1rst Counselor Mission Presidency, Sister Augusto and their son Lucas, Miled and Marli Mechaileh and their son, Bonnie, Dallin and I, Elder Craig C. Christensen and Sister Christensen, Presidente Claudio Costa and Sister Costa, Bishop Gary Stevenson and Sister Stevenson, Bishop Roberto and Mel Triumfo)

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