Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sisters' Training, Day 2

The Sisters arrived at the Mission Home at 8am for "Breakfast with the President".  Presidente Cordon and the assistants made pancakes and waffles for the Sisters.  Following breakfast we all went to the Barigui Ward building for training on Finding and Planning.  We had a special musical number and returned to the Mission Home for a late lunch and pictures before heading out to work.  It was a fantastic day full of testimony, training, and the Spirit.
Sisters Ecker and Galindo play the piano while waiting for breakfast.

Elders Schmidt and Gabriel and Presidente Cordon busy making pancakes.  Actually I think the Elders were more critiquing the president's cooking abilities.

 Breakfast of pancakes is always a good way to start a day of training.
Sisters Milani and Sposito.

(Click to expand) The Sisters of the Mission!

President & Sister Cordon with all of the Sisters of the Mission.

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