Monday, October 15, 2012

Ja Temos Saudades!!

How come it gets harder each transfer to say goodbye?  Parents think it is hard to say goodbye but they only have to do it once.  We do it each 6 weeks and our missionaries really become sons and daughters to us during their service here.  I feel like Helaman with his two thousand stripling warriors.  Today these guerreiros do Senhor returned home ready to take on life and its challenges!  These missionaries made a huge difference and touched hundreds of lives in this great work of the Lord.  (Left to Right: Elders Harper, Dos Santos, Sister Brandao, Elder Hartley, Sister Cardoso, Elder Medeiros, Sister Leandro, Elder Constante (hiding), Elder Buerkle, Sister Castellano, Sister de Araujo, Elders Sardinha and Justino.)