Friday, October 19, 2012

Mission Tour with President Carlos Godoy

Presidente Carlos Godoy arrived on the evening of Wednesday, October 17 for a two day mission tour of the Brasil Curitiba Mission.  We drove out to Ponta Grossa and held our first conference session on Thursday the 18th with our two Ponta Grossa and one Guarapuava zones.  We began with a leadership meeting from 8-9am followed by a general training session that went until 1pm.  Sister Cordon and I spoke during the first hour along with the testimony of one of our newest missionaries, Elder Grigg.  Presidente Godoy then led a three hour training session which was the highlight of the day.  Following the ever popular lunch by Irma Bernadette, Presidente Godoy interviewed several missionaries and we returned to Curitiba.  Friday we followed the same basic schedule in Curitiba only today we had 9 zones instead of just three.  It was a huge session with some 130 missionaries.  It was a huge blessing to the mission to receive training from a member of the Brazil Area Presidency.